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NexTek Service is a progressive technology-based solution-provisioning, project-management and procurement-management company. We are an established provider of electronic design, development and other engineering services to various government / private entities, the avionics / aerospace community and the prime / principal defense users. 

About Us

NexTek Service is at the forefront of Pakistan’s electronics development sector due to its commitment to leading-edge technology, cost-effective quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. We have links with major technology manufacturers and service providers around the globe. Because of our strong technology presence, we have a unique insight in the future expansion plans of various electronics entities. This gives us the ‘First Mover's Advantage', which complements our business development team to establish direct links between the requirement originator and the prospective source. NexTek possesses:
     • A highly qualified and experienced Project Management team
     • Expertise in electrical, mechanical and specialized disciplines
     • Provision of high-reliability system design and manufacturing solutions to the aerospace and electronics industry

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Everything on or around the aircraft is our business

Our Capabilities

We are a center of technological excellence, making use of our knowledge, linkages and experience to:
   Design and Develop:
      • Avionics / Electrical Systems
      • RF Systems
      • Embedded Systems
      • Power Systems
      • Electro-Optical Systems
      • Electro-Mechanical Systems
      • Automated Test Stations
      • Aviation Ground Support Systems
   Replace and upgrade modules /systems
   Resolve obsolescence issues around military systems
   Recover/repair military modules/systems

Global Partnering

NexTek Service partners with leading providers of technology around the globe for local representation, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
NexTek has also successfully ventured into the field of sourcing and procurement management. We have earned a solid reputation for successfully providing hard-to-find system, modules and spares for industrial as well as military applications.
When required, we entered into joint ventures with our foreign principals, gaining from their experience and knowledge, thereby facilitating their local operations and simultaneously providing them with inroads into the regional market.

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