PCB Designing

  • IPC Standard Compliance
  • Multilayer
  • Radio Frequency
  • High Current/Voltage, Digital and Analog
  • 3D Modeling
  • Simulation
  • PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

Embedded System

  • Replacement and/or Upgradation of obsolete systems using the latest supportable technology
  • FPGA based Designing
  • Microcontroller Design
  • Internet-based technologies & IoT
  • Embedded Computers and Real-Time Systems
  • Designing high-performance Graphical User Interfaces & Applications
  • 3D designing
  • EMI/EMC Compliant Enclosures’ Design, Development and Manufacturing
  • CNC machining and turning
  • Precision Sheet-Metal Parts
  • Military/Industrial Surface Treatments
  • Innovative solutions

Power Systems

  • Design, development, manufacturing, repair/troubleshooting & modification of Power Systems
  • Isolated/non-isolated High Voltage power supplies (Switch Mode, Modular based & Linear Regulated)
  • Universal Battery Chargers and Battery Analyzers for aircraft and most other batteries
  • Frequency Converter Units for Aerospace / Naval applications
  • Engine driven Ground Power Units for Aerospace
  • Regulated Transformer Rectifier Units (800/1800 Amps, 28/56 VDC) for Aerospace

RF Solutions

  • RF replacement modules and systems
  • Amplifiers
  • Down-Converters
  • Frequency Sources/Systhesizers
  • VCOs
  • Waveform Generating Modules
  • SDR Based Solutions
  • Waveguide network Design, Development and Manufacturing including:

Tester Development/

  • Analysis and study of existing testers (if available)
  • Analysis and study of Unit Under Test
  • Formulation of Test Schemes based on accrued/available ICD and UUT’s design
  • Design and Development of Tester Hardware and Software/Firmware

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