Embedded Systems

  • Mil-STD 1553 IP Core
  • ARINC-429 IP Core
  • HDLC IP Core
  • FPGA Development Station
  • Single Board Computers
  • High-Speed (Analog/Digital) Data Acquisition Modules for Avionics applications
  • High-Speed Communication Modules for Avionics applications
  • High-Current Switch-mode Power Supply control modules
  • Intelligent modems
  • Embedded modules

RF Systems

  • Waveguides/Coaxial and related parts
  • Waveguide/Coaxial Network Design and Development
  • RF LRUs for Radars/Communication/EW
  • RF Systems’ repair

Electromechanical System

  • Control Stick for Multirole Aircraft
  • Throttle and Grip for Multirole Aircraft
  • High-Pressure Compressor for Aviation

Electro-Optical Systems

  • Digital Video, Audio and Data Recorder and Camera for Fighter Aircraft
  • Camera and Video Recording System for COBRA Gunship
  • Head-Up Display Alignment Rig
  • Airborne FLIR Window Glass (ZnS, with DLC)

Automated Test Stations

Aviation Ground Support Systems

  • Aviation Ground Power Unit
  • Aviation Frequency Converter Unit
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand
  • Aviation Battery Charger/Analyzer

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