Immediately after a particularly an effective trip which have Hajime, he is the resorts as his or her “love nest”

In Isle Mode, Nagito really wants to entertain Hajime during their travel but is paranoid over their shelter. They are and tend to somewhat scared because of are novice during the of a lot social circumstances, and allegedly on account of their ideas on Hajime (such, he features new hushed collection having him, just to rating really scared immediately after knowing that the two out-of them are by yourself). While in the their Shot From Cardio succession, he or she is scared of the indisputable fact that Hajime you will hate your. Regarding the latest feel, the guy reveals that their way of thinking have slower arrive at transform due to the go out the guy invested which have Hajime. He appears to are confessing his ideas again but decides to inquire Hajime as his friend as an alternative, that the latter believes to help you.

Into the Nagito’s profile track, Poison -gekiyaku-, the guy states which he likes and you can wants to discover an ambiguous “him” over others

For the Very Danganronpa 2.5, it is revealed that Nagito’s notice written an illusion globe once the a good dealing procedure in which he didn’t wake up off his coma. However, the country does not have competitors having Hajime and you may Chiaki, most likely just like the their thoughts regarding the all of them have been as well strong. Hajime delivered the country Destroyer to erase their rational prevents and you can immediately after reading the new changes ego’s sound, that’s just like Hajime’s, Nagito had flashbacks and you may recalled Hajime and his laugh (together with Jabberwock Area along with his death about program). After getting up throughout the real life, Nagito rejoined Hajime in amicable terms. At first, the guy presumed he had been Izuru, however fixed themselves from the saying the guy need to be Hajime. Hajime aided your up in the manner one to is comparable to the basic conference for the program. Nagito claims the guy experienced during the Hajime so you can aftermath him up and later he requires Hajime’s give as classification moves up to speed, gonna go to your vow-it records Front side: Hope and also have appears to signify he considers getting with Hajime his guarantee.

He also claims he cannot brain getting naked however, if Hajime desires see that

At the end of Danganronpa step 3, just after enabling Makoto and others, Nagito along with his friends plan to return and reside in Jabberwock area. If you find yourself people on the boat are restaurants, Nagito calls off to Hajime the food is almost went also to hurry-up. Hajime grins brilliantly and you will runs out to your, while the a couple of all of them eat side by side. Even if Hajime earlier told me that he’s today one another Hajime and Izuru, Nagito continues to name him Hajime.

Inside the an enthusiastic Otomedia hvorfor foretrekker Tyrkisk kvinner hvite menn poster, that was put-out after the cartoon, Nagito is seen providing Hajime a small handbag out-of chance snacks since the a gift while they are into boat, allegedly adopting the anime’s tale. Brand new green hearts while the text message bringing-up dining cookies laden with vow which have “him” (using the Japanese term “kare” [?] which means “him” or “boyfriend” based framework), implies that it will be an intimate gesture. About magazine’s interviews, Nagito is asked just what trip food reminds your out-of Hajime. The guy responses a “chestnut in its burr”, evaluating they to Hajime’s locks, but after are told it’s as well regular regarding a reply, the guy continues to describe you to definitely to correctly consume you to definitely your have to go owing to lots of work. He states you to “Not straightforward… it’s such as for instance Hinata-kun, best?”. Subsequently, Hajime responses you to Nagito reminds your regarding “brand new grain away from a separate crop” (speaing frankly about rice recently gathered when you look at the fall seasons) due to Nagito’s hair’s color. The guy and additionally states one to on account of Nagito’s “bad traction to the fact”, it’s hard to designate him to a lunch which have a definite taste.

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