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Modem & Protocol Converter

Ground Power Unit

Powering up aircraft for Starting / Maint

ISA Transputer

Implemented through FPGA

ARINC-429 IP Core

FPGA based solution for Interfacing with Commercial Avionics

E1453 Timing Pod Replacement

E1454 Pattern IO Pod Replacement


FPGA Module for dev / proto / products with Spartan™-III FPGA

FPGA Trainer

Development / Training System for FPGA

Our products speak of our commitment to excellence. We manufacture products for a variety of users ranging from university students in the labs to aviation users on the tarmac. Each product is specially manufactured to be of use to human beings, taking into consideration their needs and convenience of use, maintaining the highest levels of reliability and keeping it simple.

Through our contribution in the world with our products we wish a better tomorrow for the human race.

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OnCe ISA Card


TAXI Comm ISA Card

Universal Battery Charger

Charges NiCad and Lead Acid till 80Amp

Multi O/P HV Power Supply

Produces 20KV, 4KV and 500V for CRT