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NexTek Service partners with leading providers of technology around the globe for local representation, reducing their costs and increasing efficiency.

We have been assisting our global partners of technology in their projects in the region of South Asia / Middle East.

Established in 2001, NexTek Service has completed its twelve years of technical excellence.

We provide services and products to meet the technological needs of our valued clients. Our flexibility is our strength and we have more than a decade’s experience and track-record to support us.

About NexTek

NexTek Service is commited to leading-edge technology, cost-effective quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. We have links with major technology manufacturers and service providers around the globe. Because of our strong technology presence, we have a unique insight in the future expansion plans of various electronics entities. This gives us the ‘First Mover's Advantage', which complements our business development team to establish direct links between the requirement originator and the prospective source.

NexTek possesses:


For quality and management, NexTek Service is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Our endeavor remains to give the best to our valued clients in the form of services, products or projects.

ISO Certification

Technical Excellence